How Does the Odour-Free Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Work?

Published: 12th May 2011
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Summary: This short document illustrates just how Thermacell, a powerful odor-free mosquito repellent gets rid of irritating mosquitoes.


Itís that point of the year all over again when all those pesky mosquitoes become so bad that you really canít quite possibly move outdoor for some minutes without them drawing your own blood dry up. Dangerous that could be and yet what makes the circumstance more serious is the fact generally, the smell from mosquito repellents is simply as frustrating as the actual mosquitoes themselves. Thermacell transformed these. It is a repellent however in many ways it is actually more than this. Here are the reasons exactly why.

Different from bug repellents, Thermacell Mosquito Repellent is neither a spray nor a cream used directly to someone whenever he wishes to go outdoors. Instead, Thermacell is a bug repellent unit which mostly covers a location, delivering a mosquito-free zone that lasts for just a specified timeframe.

It is the only bug repellent powered by a single butane cartridge promising of its "cover smell, absolutely unnoticeable by both individuals and insects. It is actually mosquito management strategy at its best.

It really works! Reliant on myriad testing carried out; Thermacell Mosquito repellent gives 98% bug security in an area of 15x15 feet. It utilizes a powerful EPA-approved patented technology which runs using a single butane capsule. It heats up a mat which in turn subsequently secretes an active substance named allethrin out there in to the air. Allethrin has long been shown to get rid of mosquitoes. The smell is certainly entirely undetected that it repels unsuspecting victim, getting rid of mosquitoes, black flies, as well as other biting insect. Each and every mat may last for 4 hours whilst the butane capsule, in contrast, functions the product so long as 12 hours.

Secure and Reliable As opposed to the majority of mosquito repellents, Thermacell Insect Repellent is proven harmless simply because it doesnít include DEET, an ingredient that has been the topic of a few researches right after a number of health-related troubles. Instead, the mat inside the system emits allethrin, a synthetic duplicate of all-natural mosquito repellent found in chrysanthemum plants. It has for ages been discovered to be quite distasteful to mosquitoes and other biting pests. This is the reason why this kind of element found in Thermacell shouldn't be good enough to destroy all those troublesome pesky insects, it is, however sufficient to push them away.

Various other Wonderful Features:

In addition to the idea that itís totally odor-free, rendering it the best alternative to most insect pest repellents that develop such strong as well as annoying stench, Thermacell in addition works noiselessly. Also, designed mainly for outdoor usage, it's solely cordless and portable. While slightly costly compared to other insect repellents, majority of its customers are very content. The truth is, according to customer opinions, more than 80% would highly recommend it to others, professing that this system performs just what it states.

True enough, according to scientific tests conducted by independent bodies, Thermacell is probably the ideal mosquito repellents now available.

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