How to Choose the best Mosquito Traps

Published: 17th May 2011
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Tired of having mosquitoes take over your yard and home? There are many differnt types of mosquito traps and this article will help you distinguise the proper one that will fit your needs.

Do you really need an indoor or outdoor mosquito trap?

Indoor mosquito traps make use of a special UV light to draw in indoor insects to the indoor trap. Indoor traps are odorless and noiseless.

Outdoor mosquito traps make use of a powerful fan to vacuum insects into the indoor trap. They are fueled by propane and use octenol or lurex to bait mosquitoes.

Just how much of an area will you be covering?

Determine how much of the area you want the mosquito trap to cover. There are traps which cover between acre, to 1 acre and 1 acres.

Should you use Octenol or Lurex?

This choice depends upon the specie of mosquito you are attempting to eliminate and what area of the Usa you live in. Lurex is really a natural attractant that simulates human sweat and is created specifically to get rid of the Asian tiger mosquito. Lurex is usually utilized in areas that are within the lower half of america.

Octenol is less efficient on Asian tiger mosquitoes. It is a natural by-product that comes from plants plus some animals and when coupled with co2, it is highly appealing to many types of mosquitoes along with other biting insects. Octenol is typically used in areas that are in the upper 1 / 2 of the United States.

Now that you have done the study and considered the dimensions, type and attractant you can select a mosquito trap that matches all of your needs and budget. Mosquito traps offer both immediate and long term results by killing egg-laying female mosquitoes and depleting the egg banks that create future generations of mosquitoes making them the very best method of mosquito elimination.

Compare and shop for mosquito traps below.

Mosquito Trap Model Indoor/Outdoor Coverage Lure Type

SkeeterVac SV3100 Outdoor 1 Acre Octenol or Lurex

SkeeterVac SV5100 Outdoor 1 Acres Octenol or Lurex

SkeeterVac SV-27 Outdoor 1 Acre Octenol or Lurex

Mosquito Magnet Executive Outdoor 1 Acre Octenol

Mosquito Magnet Independence Outdoor 1 Acre Octenol

Mega Catch Ultra Indoor or Outdoor 1 Acres Diode Lighting or Octenol

Mega Catch Alpha Indoor or Outdoor Acre Diode Lighting or Octenol

NOsquito Trap Indoor One story Home UV Lighting

Dyna Trap Indoor or Outdoor Acre UV Lighting

Mega Catch Premier Indoor or Outdoor 1 Acre Diode Lighting or Octenol

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